X-Ray & CBCT Scans


We use dental X-rays to enhance our diagnostic capabilities

Welcome to Calm and Gentle Dental Care! We use advanced Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) scans to provide precise dental care.

CBCT scans are 3D X-ray images of your teeth, jawbone, and surrounding areas. They help diagnose complex dental issues, plan implants, and assess orthodontic needs.

image of teeth xray

  • Early detection of cavities, infections, and gum disease
  • Aid in treatment planning for better outcomes
  • Low radiation exposure for patient safety
  • Dental X-rays are quick and painless
  • We ensure your safety during the process
  • Accurate diagnoses for better treatment planning
  • Non-invasive and painless procedure
  • CBCT scans are quick and stress-free
  • Our team will answer any questions you have
OPG/Large X-Rays


A refundable deposit of £25 must be taken to secure our complimentary consultations. On arrival this will be refunded or, it can be left on account and used towards any treatment you may decide to choose. It is practice policy to take deposits to secure all scheduled appointment for ongoing treatment, including hygiene appointments. In the event, the consultation is no longer required; a minimum of 48 notice must be given for the deposit to be returned.


All routine dental treatment is included and you'll receive priority access to see your dentist in the event of an emergency. Our Members Plan covers preventative care, identifying potential problems and reducing the risk of pain. You'll have access to our 24 hour dental emergency helpline 365 days a year. See full details here.