Dental Implants


Permanent solution for tooth loss

Dental implants represent a common procedure of permanently replacing missing teeth without affecting neighboring teeth. 

With the help of dental implants, we can fully remedy toothlessness and thus strongly improve chewing and speaking abilities as well as restore a beautiful smile. Implants can also serve as carriers of a fixed dental bridge or denture.

dental implant

  • Permanent solution
  • Improved chewing and speaking
  • Natural function and look
  • Improved facial appearance
  • Prevention of bone loss
  • No special care required
  • Very sturdy and secure
  • No diet restrictions
  • Can be changed or updated
Dental Implant Consultation

Includes Full Mouth X-Ray and Treatment Plan

Implant & Retained Crown (starting from)

Includes Full Mouth Cleaning


A refundable deposit of £30 must be taken to secure our complimentary consultations. On arrival this will be refunded or, it can be left on account and used towards any treatment you may decide to choose.

Your Payment Options:

1. Pay in full

2. Pay as You Go
A) 25% at each stage of the process
- Example Silver option: £494.75 per monthly payments x 4 months

3. 0% finance options
A) 25% deposit and the remainder paid in 12 equal payments
- Example Silver Option: Deposit £494.75 monthly payments x 12 £123.69


All routine dental treatment is included and you'll receive priority access to see your dentist in the event of an emergency. Our Members Plan covers preventative care, identifying potential problems and reducing the risk of pain. You'll have access to our 24 hour dental emergency helpline 365 days a year. See full details here.