From the first time you contact us, we promise to go the extra mile to ensure that your expectations are exceeded.

Your journey begins the first time you pick up the phone or make an online enquiry.

We will never assume that we can anticipate your needs, we take the time to listen and gain an understanding from you to ensure your experience with us is seamless and stress-free.

Calm & Gentle Dental Care, Tonbridge is set in a beautiful Victorian building called Hanover House.

Hanover House has been a dental surgery for over 100 years and we pride ourselves on providing dental care for generations of families during this time.

We have always been a family run business looking after the teeth and gums of families of Tonbridge and Kent.

The internet and social media have helped patients from further afield find us and we now see patients from all over the UK. As families have moved on, we are so grateful when they decide to travel back to see us for their dental care, a great testament to the wonderful service they feel they receive.

We are all about prevention and there is no time like teaching our younger generation how to maintain excellent oral health. We feel so passionate about it – if mum or dad come to see us regularly, we will look at your children’s teeth for free until they are  five years old. When you join our monthly plan, your children check-ups are free until they are sixteen!

Our dental examination are very comprehensive, they have to be, there is so much we need to learn about you. In addition to the clinical examination we want to make sure we cover every aspect of;

  • Maybe you would like, a tour of our clinic
  • Say Hi and get to know you…
  • Your historic dental treatment
  • Medical history
  • Current medication
  • Treatment you might be interested in
  • Time…to listen to you….

If you have expressed to us before you booked that you suffer from any kind of dental anxiety, your first appointment will be very different – we will go at your pace and listen to your story so please do not worry!

Once your dental examination is complete, If we find there is something to discuss, we will explain all options available to you in a language you’ll understand. The information we will provide will allow you to make an informed decision as to what treatment you would like to have, if any, of course, you are in control at all times, if you decide that you do not want to start treatment, then we will not start. We will of course make sure you understand the risks attached to not having the treatment however, ultimately, you are in charge.

In some cases, it might be that you have requested a life changing dental treatment – if this is the case, we will sit with you and create a bespoke treatment plan especially for you so you know exactly what we propose and the fees attached.

We want to make sure we have given you all of the information you need so with your permission we will follow up with a call once you’ve had time to digest everything. The most important thing for us is that you don’t feel any pressure to do anything you don’t want or that you don’t understand

Our aim is to make  you need to feel comfortable - think of your first visit as a relaxed introduction to a beautiful new friendship….

Your first visit is where your journey begins. You may be looking for treatment that can change your life and get you the smile you have always dreamed of or maybe you are looking for  regular maintenance…no matter what, we are here to listen and provide you with what you want…when you are happy, we are happy!  

Call us today or send us a message…start your journey today….

You are amazing, you have taken the first step…

Now take a deep breath, and let us help you overcome your fear of the dentist!

The first thing to understand is you are not alone…It’s thought that one in three of us experience some form of dental anxiety and around one in every ten suffer from extreme dental anxiety. Dental anxiety is real…don’t let anyone tell you different!

If you’re paralysed with fear just at the thought of telephoning, let alone walking into a dental clinic then you have come to the right place. We have been helping patients overcome their fear for over a decade and during that time, helped hundreds of patients that were once like you.

Its a vicious cycle, you avoid visiting the dentist for years because of your phobia, and in the meantime your dental health is suffering…we understand.

  • Never to Judge you
  • Always give you time
  • Book your appointment early, before other patients arrive
  • Chat to you in a non-clinical area if required
  • Speak in a language you understand
  • Go at your pace

In these cases, and with patients who are experiencing more moderate versions of dental anxiety, special help is needed. Dental sedation is the obvious choice.

From our experience after a few visits to Calm & Gentle Dental Care, Tonbridge it’s unlikely for your anxiety to persist, even among the most nervous patients, so we find conscious sedation is usually only requested for the first few visits, although we will continue until you are happy.


  • One in every seven adults who has been to a dentist suffers from extreme dental anxiety
  • The most common fears for visiting a dentist are
  • having a tooth drilled (30%)
  • having a local anaesthetic injection (28%)
  • Visiting the dentist is ranked number one (22%) for making people nervous, followed by heights (19%)
  • 10 times as many people are nervous about visiting their dentists (22%), compared to their doctor (2%)