Replace Your Missing Teeth & End Your Denture Problems And Smile Again!

Hanover House Dental offer “Calm & Gentle” Dental Implants to the busy people of Kent. We have been told that our dental implants have been a tremendous help to denture sufferers and people with missing teeth. Our dental implant treatments are based on documented scientific principles that can…

  • End denture suffering or missing teeth in just one day!
  • Improve your fight against Heart Disease
  • Reduce the risk of Mouth Cancer
  • Being able to eat what you want, when you want it!

People that have had dental implants fitted to replace their missing teeth report being able to chew food again, an improvement in their personal relationships and the end of embarrassment caused by  their ill-fitting dentures or missing teeth.


“Why Choose Hanover House For Dental Implants?”

Discover New Dental Implants in Kent

Don’t just take our word for it, the results speak for themselves. We are offering a completely free guide on “How to say goodbye to the Annoying, Embarrassing, and Frustrating Pain and have your permanent teeth back” which is based on the latest scientific research.

It was researched, developed and written by a leading dental implants dentist, Dr Pieter Claassen. It shows you exactly what options are available to you.

Furthermore our comprehensive dental implants guide covers all aspects of your dental health concerning dentures and missing teeth. We want you to know all the facts and what hidden dangersyou may face if you stick with your dentures or missing teeth your entire life


In addition, it can also help to improve your personal relationships, build up your self-confidence and make you feel brighter and more alert than normal.

In fact if you or someone you know have dentures or missing teeth, or maybe thinking of dental implants this could be the most important guide you will ever read.


“I’d Recommend The Implant Program” Says Tom From Kent

Free Dental Implants Guide

Right now you can receive a FREE copy of our dental implants guide titled:

The TRUSTED Solution For Kent People To Finally End Denture Suffering and Missing Teeth! How To Say Good Bye To The Annoying, Embarrassing, And Frustrating Pain And Reclaim Your Permanent Teeth.

That’s right, at Hanover House Dental here in Kent we are offering you the chance to receive a FREE Guide to Dental Implants which reveals an end to denture suffering and missing teeth once and for all.

Our incredible new guide, which you can receive in the post or view on line if you prefer, is now available and it reveals medically tested principles from a leading dental implants dentist and tells you all about ill-fitting, irritating dentures that pop-up, gag you, fly out or get stuck when you are eating.

What happens next? Well, you have a few choices. You can complete the form below to request your FREE Guide to Dental Implants. This guide can be sent to you by post and you can also read it online, it’s up to you.Anchor

“You’ve Got Film Star Teeth”
Says The Granddaughter of Dental Implants Patient Mrs Mahoney

Here is what Mrs Marny had to say…

… “I was very nervous about it all because it was a very big job but it was done in stages. I found Pieter very professional, very painstaking, which was good because he wanted a perfect job and he worked hard for it and I think he got the perfect job.

I’m very pleased, and to think that now I don’t have any more worries about my teeth, I’ve got them.

My granddaughter, when she first saw them, she said “oh Nana, you’ve got film stars teeth.

I can eat, I can smile and I don’t have to worry too much about going back to the dentist every so often.”

Are You Suitable For Dental Implants?

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