The Different Types of Denture

The Different Types of Denture

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Type 1 – Full or Complete Dentures:
These dentures are used for those who no longer have any teeth left in their mouth. These dentures will give you a full set of teeth again, and fit snugly over the gums in order to provide a nice fit.

Type 2 – Partial Dentures:
These are used for those who still have teeth present in the mouth, but are missing some teeth. These dentures have a clip attached to them, which anchors them onto the existing teeth in order to give you a stable and secure denture.

Type 3 – Dental Implant-Retained Dentures:
These dentures are the latest technology in order to create secure dentures. Dental implants are small metal rods, that, if you were replacing one tooth, would have a crown placed on top to provide a natural-looking smile solution.

If you are missing many more teeth, and are unhappy with the fit of your denture, your dentist may suggest implant-retained dentures. This involves a few dental implants being placed but, instead of a crown being placed on top, your denture is! As the implants are placed into the jaw, they become a very stable anchor for your denture, preventing your denture from slipping out of place.

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