Teeth Whitening has come on leaps and bounds throughout the years

Back in ancient times, the Romans would rinse with their own urine to whiten their teeth – gross, but true!

The ammonia helped to strip off surface stains and keep their teeth nice and bright.

Nowadays, we tend to stray away from whitening like that – patients don’t tend to like it. Check out how we do Teeth Whitening at Calm & Gentle Dental Care Tonbridge.

We now offer a take-home solution, with trays customised to your mouth, which can be created fast so you can start your whitening journey as quick as possible!

Your first appointment would take fifteen minutes and would be quick and simple, taking some impressions of your mouth. Sometimes, having impressions taking can be uncomfortable, but we will always go at your pace.

If you need to take it slow, then we’ll make sure we are just like our name – Calm & Gentle!

Once your impressions are taken, we then create trays from them – this takes 24 hours, so you can book your second appointment to pick up your custom whitening trays the next day! Our dentist will then have a very quick chat with you about how to use the trays, how long to whiten for, and will give you some whitening serum to send you off with bright white teeth!

If you would like any more information, or if you have questions surrounding the plans, get in touch with our team on 01732 678407 today.

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