There are not many of us that don’t experience some level of anxiety when we think about visiting our dentist. Most of us however fit into what we call:


Almost all of us experience some level of anxiety prior to visiting the dentist or hygienist however for some patients, they attend regular and manage their fear.


caters for patient that experience anxiety and fear to a degree that causes a delay in arranging appointments which then can lead to dental emergencies. Only then will you visit the dentist!


has been created for patients that really suffer from extreme nerves, anxiety, fear and increased stress levels when they simply think about going to the dentist. These patients are often experiencing dental pain, lose or missing teeth and reduced self-confidence which in turn impacts their quality of life.


No matter what your level of fear when thinking about the dentist, we have a programme for you. To identify the programme best suited to your needs, please click on the link below and complete the short questionnaire. Answer honestly, please don’t think you’ll be judged, we want to help you and can help you, just as we have helped thousands of patients that were once like you.