Conscious Sedation

Most of us have experienced an element of fear prior to having dental treatment completed.

In most cases, we are able to rationalise this fear and control it. Sadly, this is not the case for everyone and often patients have put off visiting the dentist for years because of the anxiety they feel. 

This can lead to poorer oral health and risk of toothache and infection, which can further increase anxiety.  This can become a cycle that patients may feel trapped in.

For some patients, even the thought of telephoning the dental receptionist ignites a fear so strong that they consistently put it off. Some patients might live in pain or discomfort and suffer from social embarrassment and low self-esteem.

Dental anxiety can even affect people economically if they feel too uncomfortable with their appearance to go to work.


Our special programmes have helped hundreds of patients overcome their fear of the dentist, mainly because dentistry has changed significantly over the past decade. The patient experience is very different from the one some patients may recall as a child… particularly at Calm & Gentle Dental Care, where we pride ourselves on uncompromising patient care.

In some cases even the most anxious patients can begin to feel more relaxed and enjoy their experience, however, for some patients, the fear is just too much and they need a little more help and support to undergo the treatment they require.

For those patients that are unable to overcome their fear of the dentist and suffer from extreme anxiety, we offer conscious sedation.

Patients often relax so much that they fall asleep during the treatment and lose track of time, so the appointments can seem shorter than normal. 

Conscious sedation is extremely safe. Some patients find conscious sedation beneficial for their first few appointments, it relaxes you and gives a feeling of perfect peace and calmness and in some cases can aid patients to overcome their fear of the dentist. 

Conscious sedation is offered to help our patients reduce the anxiety they experience. We are hopeful that after a few visits with sedation, patients naturally start to overcome their fear as they begin to feel comfortable with our team.

Experiencing Fear of Dentists?

Rarely do we hear people saying how much they love going to see their dentist, it does happen but it is a very rare occurrence. Over the years we have come to understand that almost all of us have an element of fear when it comes to having their teeth checked let alone having treatment carried out. It was with this in mind that we designed a programme dedicated to patients that experience anxiety and fear of dentists on any level.

Our three programmes have been customised to help us identify the level of fear that you experience and in turn allows us to provide the type of care and treatment that best suits your needs.


Having seen and treated thousands of patients each with dental anxiety we understand that their fear was unique to them, we are fully aware of the importance of getting to know our patients, understanding their story and most of all, meet their expectations. There are many dental clinic’s that will claim to help patients with a fear of the dentist but here at Calm & Gentle Dental Care, Tonbridge, that is exactly what we do.


How We Help You Overcome Your Fear Of Dentists….

  • We listen to you
  • We identify your level of anxiety
  • We select a programme that best suits your needs
  • First appointment is free and takes place in a relaxed environment
  • Your own patients coordinator to speak to throughout your journey with us
  • We go at a pace that suits you and your budget
  • Patients are never rushed
  • Patients are never judged


To help us help you, download our anxiety questionnaire – the first step to overcoming your fear. We can go at your pace depending on your level of fear. We want to help you, just as we have hundreds of patients get to a place where visiting the dentist and maintaining good oral health becomes a six-monthly routine visit…this can be achieved!


If you would like to speak to our Treatment Coordinator, feel free to call her on 01732 678408, this is our dedicated line for anxious patients– if you are not ready to chat but would like some information, please email us at we will be happy to answer any questions you may have…


Dental fear has no boundaries, and in some patients they have the assumption that their fear is silly and they may be laughed at. No at Calm & Gentle Dental Care! We have taken the time to learn about the variation in patients fears; listed below are some of the top fears we have encountered, click on the link to learn how we help you overcome this fear.