Can You Have Braces that No-One Notices?

Invisible Braces

Do You Want Invisible Braces?

Do You Want Invisible Braces?

That’s right, the smile you have always dreamed about is available in Kent with our Invisible Braces Systems, and you’ll be surprised, they are not as expensive as you may think!


Hello Kent Straight Teeth Seeker,


invisible braces guide requestAre you unhappy with your smile? Do you feel embarrassed by your twisted teeth?


Hanover House Dental wants you to have a smile that you can be proud of. And now with recent scientific advances within the world of clear braces we can make this possible for you!


You don’t have to hide your smile anymore! You too can have straight teeth today like the celebrities.


For anyone that has misaligned, twisted or over lapping teeth keep reading as I have a secret for you.

New Invisible Braces System for Straight Teeth in just 3 – 6 Months

So what does this mean for you? Well, you can now have a fast straight smile in just 3-6 months.
So what is our New Invisible Braces System? It’s a system that uses clear braces that gently apply
pressure to your teeth, which will start to move into the correct position meaning they no longer
overlap and you can walk away with a fantastic straight smile.
Furthermore the braces we use are clear, so they are virtually invisible! This means that most people
won’t even realise that you are wearing braces.
You can now have a celebrity smile in only 3-6 months!

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Real, Tooth Coloured Braces, Straight to Your Teeth!

Real, Tooth Coloured Braces, Straight to Your Teeth!

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Dr Eman brings the art and science of creating a beautiful smile to you at an affordable rate. Want to know what the process is? Click below… 
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How it works

Step One

Your Free 20 Minute Assessment


Your free assessment with Dr Eman Lavasani will provide you with all you need to know about undertaking treatment, and will allow you to know your suitability

Step Two



Dr Eman will fit your braces and make sure you have all you need to look after them properly

Step Three


achieve the perfect smile

Now you can smile without worrying; knowing that your smile is straight and gleaming!


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