Monthly Offer

This month, we’re offering a free pack of TePe brushes to everyone that books a hygiene appointment.

If you haven’t heard of TePe’s before, they are a brand of interdental sticks, that help to get any plaque in-between teeth, and can be used as part of your every day oral health routine. Now, that’s not to say they are better or should be used in place of floss – oh no, in fact, we recommend that you use both to make sure you’re giving yourself a full clean!

When you brush your teeth, you actually miss 35% of the tooth surface – that seems crazy, right? Well, it’s true!

Your toothbrush only reaches 3 of the 5 areas of the tooth – and that’s why it is imperative to clean in between the teeth too. Flossing or using an interdental brush can help to shift the harmful plaque away from the tooth surface and leave you squeaky clean.

If interdental brushes fit within the gaps between your teeth, we, here at Calm & Gentle Dental Care advise that you use those to help shift plaque. If they don’t, then use floss! This, of course, may depend on which teeth you are flossing/interdental brushing, so you may find yourself using a mixture of both products.

At the end of the day, there’s a saying that we go by: ‘only floss the teeth you want to keep’!

P.S. If you find your gums bleeding, don’t stop flossing! If you haven’t flossed much in the past, it can take up to a week for your gums to get used to the new action – a daily action! If your gums are still bleeding after a week or so, please get in touch with a dentist in Tonbridge as soon as you can.



If you would like any more information, or if you have questions surrounding the plans, get in touch with our team on 01732 678407 today.

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