Look what our latest dental implant patient thinks about us!

Look what our latest dental implant patient thinks about us!


Dear Doctor Claassen,

When we began the treatment you completed today, you said that it might take anything from six months to a year, but that you would keep me informed every step of the way. In that and everything else, you have been as good as your word. I think you may have actually scraped in just under six months.

I thought I had to take the opportunity to thank you and your staff for everything you have done. You have guided me through all the complications, answered all my questions promptly and on that fine line between dumbing down and talking down. Appointments have been prompt and the level of courtesy demonstrated by all your staff has been exemplary.

The amount of work I had done has cost a great deal of money.

However, getting some insight into what has been involved and what is happening when I am not in the chair, it is understandable why it costs what it does. In fact, I have wondered how you can produce such quality work for the money.

Consequently, I will be recommending you to friends who are a little loath to pay out when they are not fully aware of what it is they are paying for.

I mentioned on your website a while back that I have attended dentists in France, the US, Australia and the UK.

I cannot recall any of them being pleasant or that I would have attended in preference to doing virtually anything else, but I can honestly say that a visit to Calm and Gentle has reduced my natural dislike for visiting the dentist to a point where it is acceptable and I am not spending the week prior looking for reasons to delay.

Again, thank you all very much,

Yours sincerely,

Patrick Stoner

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