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If there’s one thing as expert restorative dentists we know, it’s that replacing multiple missing teeth with dental implants can hugely impact your self-esteem and confidence.

As a highly-rated clinic in Tonbridge, we are the go-to implant clinic in the area for major restorative and implantation treatments.

Very professional indeed and delivered in a friendly manner. I had all my top teeth replaced with implants and crowns and I am extremely happy with the work done – Stephen C.

This type of advanced treatment truly is at the cutting edge of dentistry, an area of which we are highly experienced and confident.

Multiple implant treatment provides patients suffering from numerous gaps a permanent and long-term solution to replace missing teeth for good.

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With many restorative options available, this particular treatment is the most durable and longlasting making it one of the most recommended procedures in this field of dentistry.

The detrimental effects of ignoring gaps

Having multiple missing teeth can certainly cause many problems for your oral and dental health.

The most worrying of these issues can be when existing teeth begin to move in order to compensate for the teeth that are no longer present.

This undeniably affects your overall bite and can leave patients vulnerable to infection, further tooth loss and breakdown.

Ignoring the issue for a longer period of time often means that patients lose a substantial amount of bone in their jaw as it deteriorates leaving the jawbone weaker and less dense.

Dental implants, in this case, provide a great opportunity to address and prevent these issues whilst fully restoring the aesthetics of the mouth.

Types of multiple implant treatment:

  • All-on-Four/All-on-Six: If you have several missing teeth in a row, a more affordable option is to proceed with ‘Teeth in a Day.’ Saving on cost, you will not require an implant per missing tooth, but rather four or six implants which use a bridge consisting of custom-made crowns connected together. This procedure can also be used to secure dentures with implants keeping them from slipping and sliding or becoming loose.
  • Multiple Implants: This will use several individual implants, which may be required if you have numerous missing teeth in different locations. Bespoke crowns designed for your mouth will then be attached to the implant following implantation.
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Highly-requested implant dentist; Dr Pieter Claassen

10 Implant benefits

  1. Increases confidence and self-esteem
  2. Easier eating and chewing
  3. Restored and improved speech
  4. Long-lasting, easy and convenient
  5. Huge success rates (98%)
  6. Replaces the need for dentures which are often loose and uncomfortable
  7. Prevents any further oral health problems
  8. Creates a stable and healthy oral foundation
  9. Preserves the jawbone
  10. Discreet and natural-looking

Suitable candidates

As mentioned above, when gaps in the mouth are not treated, bone in the jaw may deplete.

When this happens it can complicate the success of your implant procedure and additional treatments like bone regeneration will be needed to combat this issue separately.

Dental implants require that the patient has a sufficient amount of bone to make the procedure a success as well as being free from gum infections like periodontal disease.

The cost

The price of implants will vary depending on the type of work required, additional procedures and the system of implantation you choose.

During your free consultation, we will put together a bespoke treatment plan that will detail the work needed, how many teeth are missing or failing and the extent of your jawbone volume and quality.

Therefore, prices will be based on your individual needs and will be detailed to you during your consultation.

We can promise clear and transparent pricing – we also offer 0% finance options to help our patients on a budget receive this innovative tooth replacement method.

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Aftercare & maintenance

After a few months (3-4) after implantation, the implant would have completed its process of osseointegration, where it fuses with the jawbone making it secure and stable.

Following the procedure, some patients report mild discomfort and soreness to the gums, which can be easily rectified with over the counter medications.

Alternative treatments

Other restorative treatments include dentures and dental bridges.

Calm & Gentle are here to prescribe and recommend restorative treatments that are based on your unique condition – so no matter which procedure you choose, we will be happy to direct you and help.

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