Battersea Cats & Dogs Home

We are still currently in full swing fundraising for Battersea Cats & Dogs Home! In our Waiting Room, you will have noticed a large dog, and a big cat too – and they’re up for grabs for one lucky winner.

If you can guess the name (or be the closest) of the cat and/or dog, you will be taking one of these homes with you! It costs just £1 to play. The game ends on 14th February 2018, so be fast if you want to take home one of these beasts…

In other news, after Valentine’s Day, we will be moving to another fundraising event for Battersea for the rest of February. Can you suggest something for us to do?

All money raised goes directly to Battersea. If you aren’t aware of the good work they do to protect the animals that are the most common pets globally, I implore you to have a look at their website and read a few more bits of information about them by clicking here.

If you would like any more information, or if you have questions surrounding the plans, get in touch with our team on 01732 678407 today.

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