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Monthly Offer


This month, we’re offering a free pack of TePe brushes to everyone that books a hygiene appointment. If you haven’t heard of TePe’s before, they are a brand of interdental sticks, that help to get any plaque in-between teeth, and can be used as part of your every day oral health routine. Now, that’s not…

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The Advent Calendar


Last Christmas Last Christmas, we decided to treat 25 patients who had been to see us over the year of 2017. We picked out 25 names from a hat, and whoever we pulled got a present! Check out the announcement of our Advent Calendar in our Newsletter by clicking here, then have a look at…

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The Christmas Party 2017

As per usual, the staff of Calm & Gentle Dental Care Tonbridge celebrate the year with a good old Christmas bash! This year, we went to CAU in Tunbridge Wells, where we stuffed ourselves full of lots of yummy food and copious amounts of beverages (some alcoholic, some not!). Unfortunately, a few members of staff…

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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening has come on leaps and bounds throughout the years Back in ancient times, the Romans would rinse with their own urine to whiten their teeth – gross, but true! The ammonia helped to strip off surface stains and keep their teeth nice and bright. Nowadays, we tend to stray away from whitening like…

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CEREC Crowns

CEREC is a machine that our dentists use to create CEREC crowns. Firstly, the dentist and nurse prepare the tooth that the crown will sit upon. Then they scan the tooth with an intra-oral camera that produces a digitalised model of the mouth. After this, the dentist can design the crown which is sent to…

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