A note from me...Pieter

Have you spent a lifetime looking for a Calm & Gentle Dental environment where your dentist ‘really’ does understand the anxiety you experience when thinking about visiting them?

I empathise with the dental fear you experience, I have experienced it myself…one of the reasons I became a dentist believe it or not!

I was a young boy who set of to having a filling at our local dentist clinic. On arrival the dentist said, jump in the chair, let's have a look at you.

At this point, and never before, had I experienced dental fear so what was about to happen was very strange to me. I settled back into the chair and the dentist said, okay, I am about to give you a needle…it doesn’t hurt much, maybe the same as a bee sting…now, a few days before I had been stung by a bee and my goodness, that hurt! All of a sudden my legs were shaking, I was petrified.

A bee sting…I couldn’t get that out of my mind, why did he tell me that?

Then, the bee sting came, tears trickling down my face…at this point I am not sure why I became upset, so overwhelmed by the experience, it was not a good one and one that stayed with me until my teenage years when I decided I wanted to make a difference and provide painless dentistry, I thought there must be a way.

Painless dentistry is what we do…it’s the most common comment our patients give us, wow, that was painless…or almost.

Dentistry does not have to be so stressful and cause sleepless nights; we have created a relaxing environment where our patients feel at home and chilled. When we see patients for the first time who have suffered for years, it may take a few sessions for them to start to feel they can trust us, however, it's not long…

Come and see us, let us help you overcome your fear – I know you don’t believe me but its true…very quickly you will look back and wonder why you spent so many years feeling the way you do.

See you soon my friend!