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Dentures – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are dentures made of? A: Dentures can be made from a variety of materials for different purposes. For example, some dentures are made from metal, whilst others are made of a hard plastic like acrylic – and sometimes a combination of both metals & plastics. This will all be down to what is…

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The Different Types of Denture

Type 1 – Full or Complete Dentures: These dentures are used for those who no longer have any teeth left in their mouth. These dentures will give you a full set of teeth again, and fit snugly over the gums in order to provide a nice fit. Type 2 – Partial Dentures: These are used…

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Dental Mythbusting: Dentures

Myth No. 1: It is Difficult to Eat with Dentures… Admittedly, new dentures do take some time getting used to. However, once the initial adjustment period is over, people with dentures should be able to eat the same foods they once did! It’s a matter of making sure dentures are well-fitting, starting off with small…

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